The Ten Best Odds Bets For A Player To Make In An Online Casino

One of the biggest mistakes any gambler can make is to assume that all games in a casino offer them an equal chance of success or failure. Most gamblers understand that on all casino games, there is a house edge, it is that which keeps casinos earning a profit and able to provide the services that they do. Yet it is often the case that a beginner at texas holdem online poker will believe that every casino game, from the online slots or keno, down to card games like baccarat or dice games like sic bo, offer the player the same chances of victory or defeat.

In truth, there is a huge difference between the different types of casino game on offer as per the level of success a player may enjoy while playing. In addition to that, even within a single game, where there are a large number of different betting options available, there is a huge discrepancy between the level of the house edge between the many different bets available on every single roll of the dice or spin of the wheel.

Key to becoming a more profitable player when learning to bet to win online, is understanding how these house odds work against you. When you understand that simple pretext, you can then target the games and bets where the odds are much less favourable for the casino and more in your favour. In this article, we’ll examine the ten best value bets which tend to offer the lowest house edge when playing at an online casino, or their real world counterparts and give the player a much greater chance of success on every bet.

1. Poker None

Playing poker offers no house edge as the game is played against other players. Casinos make their money from poker by taking a small percentage of the pot money each hand and this, in effect, makes poker a game free from a house edge.

Of course, there are other considerations here; you need to be a strong poker player with excellent knowledge of the game and its strategies in order to regularly be successful, and remember there are many outstanding poker players out there who are so good that it can mean taking on a casino looks a far more enticing prospect than trying to beat them in a few hands!

2. Blackjack using Basic Strategy 0.28%

If you take the time to learn the basic strategy of a game of blackjack, which identifies what type of bets to follow based upon the two cards you have in your hand compared to the single cards that the dealer shows, then you can reduce the house edge down to just over a quarter of a percent. It is time consuming to learn the different tables for both hard and soft blackjack hands, but in the long run it can prove to be a hugely profitable move.

3. Video Poker 0.46%

Many people feel video games offer the least chance of a successful return in poker rooms and while this may be true of games like keno or online slots, which can have house edges in excess of 25%, video poker is much more user friendly, with a house edge of just under half a percent per hand.

4. Baccarat Banker 1.06%

There are only three bets possible in the game of baccarat and the best value of these is to bet on the bankers hand. This means you cut the house edge to just 1.06% per hand, though you will only double your original bet on this stake if you are successful.

5. Craps Don’t Pass/ Don’t Come 1.14%

There are so many bets available on the game of craps that finding a good one may be confusing to the beginner. The best value bet is the Don’t Pass/Don’t Come bet, which has a house edge of just 1.14%, but seeing as you are effectively backing against the roller at the table, don’t expect to be too popular if you win too many of these bets!

6. Baccarat Player 1.24%

Backing the banker may give slightly better odds, but backing the player is another option for those interested in the enduring game of baccarat. At a house edge of 1.24%, this is a good value bet for a player new to the game who wants to take on the house. Just remember to stay away from the tie bet which has a house edge of a whopping 14.36%!

7. Craps Passline/Come 1.41%

One of the most popular bets in any casino is the Passline/Come bet in craps. This is the bet that many novice craps players play the most as an easy way to double their stake money. Make your bet on the Passline and if the roller wins, then you win too and everyone at the table cheers!

8. Craps Place 6 and 8 1.52%

Another great value bet in craps is the place 6 and 8 bet, other than 7, 6 and 8 are the two most commonly rolled numbers in craps and backing them pays out at odds of 7 to 6, so if you bet $6, you’d win back $13 in total.

9. Roulette Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low 2.70%

Another good bet is in the game of roulette, backing any of the outer bets on the layout, especially those that offer even money returns such as those shown above, cuts the house edge down to 2.70% on a single zero roulette wheel. If you are playing on a double zero wheel, then this house edge increases to 5.26%.

10.Roulette Columns (1-12, 13-24, 25-36) 2.70%

Another good ourside bet in roulette which offers better payout odds is to bet on columns or numbers 1-12, 13-24 or 25.36. The house edge is again just 2.70 on a single zero wheel and 5.26% on a double zero roulette wheel and with odds of 2/1 for a successful spin, this represents a good way to increase your stack with a lucky run of bets!


Betting Forums – a Great Source of Knowledge

Okay, so let’s get started. To make your betting profitable over time you need to gain some knowledge first. While I did tell you in my first Invest in Betting! post you don’t need any advanced skills to do so, you do need to understand how you should approach your betting.

Finding a Betting Forum for Me

This is where I started to broaden my knowledge and this is exactly what you should do. There are a lot of forums to choose from here, I actually spent most of my time on one of the Polish betting forums (which I think wasn’t the smartest choice but my English wasn’t too good back then…). Below I give you a few links to some big forums where you can definitely find a lot of valuable info on the topic. You can pick one of these if you happen to like it or alternatively you can go to google.com and try to find others, more suitable for what you are interested in. You can of course join more than one and browse through them before you decide which one you like best and will likely spend most time on.

Betting Advice

This is where I ended up finally (besides the Polish one I mentioned). I just loved how clear and nice the layout of the forum looks. Luckily, it was a great choice for someone who is mostly interested in football (if you are an American, you call it soccer – but please, stop doing that for god’s sake!) as this is what the site focuses the most on. There are also subforums about other sports  of course but these are not as vast as the one for football. You can find info on bookmakers, betting strategy threads and even some job offers in the betting industry there too.

Punters Lounge

Quite similar to Betting Advice although the layout is a little bit less eye-friendly. There’s a lot of football threads here as well but at the same time much more on horse racing too, so if that’s what you are looking for, Punters Lounge may very well be a place for you. Some info on other sports can be found here as well and they even have a poker-related subforum.


Another big forum, mostly focused on horse racing and football (in that particular order). There also seems to be quite a lot about golf there. I didn’t really spent much time there but I heard some good things about it so you can definitely check the site out.

SBR forum

A huge, huge forum really. Since I am mostly interested in football betting, I haven’t found it useful (so far!) because it focuses mostly on American sports, so a lot of basketball, hockey and American football can be found there. Because SBR is super huge (over 3000 users online while I write this) I am sure there’s a lot of valuable info to be found on other sports as well.

Read, Write and Learn!

After you find a forum appropriate for you, read whatever you think is interesting. If you love sports and betting, I’m sure you’ll find it enjoyable in itself. Whenever you feel something is unclear, don’t afraid to ask questions! Before you do so though, use a “search” feature to check if the questions hasn’t been answered before (experienced posters usually don’t like if someone omits this step)

In the next post, I’ll tell you more about what I found the most interesting while browsing betting forums and why. Meanwhile – read, write and learn as much as you can!



7 Things You Can Do if You DON’T Want to Make Money Betting

A bit tricky of a title here but I think it’s a subject worth an article. I saw people making dumbest things when it comes to betting and as long as they treat it only as a hobby, that’s totally fine. But if you are following me here on Pro Betting Blog, then you probably aim to make your betting an investment.

There is a lot of things you can do wrong. Some of them, though, seem to happen over and over again, to many different people. Somehow we all tend to make the same mistakes. I guess it has something to do with how are brain works… No matter the reason, I decided to help you avoid those most common errors that I noticed and make a post about them. Yay! So here we go. I present you 7 things you can do if you DON’T want to make money betting:

Seek “Get-Rich-Quick” Scheme

This happens everywhere, no matter the subject. We simply love an idea of making easy money. Be it a stock market, an online business, a marketing idea, a part time job… People want to earn a buck without much effort. That’s why scams work. Even though they seem illogical, we often make ourselves think like: “Maybe it is true this time and I will become rich? After all, it’s not that much I need to pay for that INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY?” Guess what, no. Not this time.

It’s not any different with sports betting. That’s why people look for insider info, miracle systems and other ways that could magically make them millionaires in a week. As much as I would want you to find something like that, it is highly unlikely. So better do the work and learn how to actually make money betting. With a little help of the Pro Betting Blog, I hope.

Don’t Understand Value

This is one of the most common errors I come across when I talk to people about sports wagering. Somehow, many of us don’t understand that it’s all based on maths and probabilities. I noticed people often want to bet on favorites, to have more of a chance to win, but they rarely think if their pick presents any value. I wrote about the concept of value betting in my last post. In case you haven’t read it, or maybe want to refresh your memories, here’s a link: The Ultimate Guide to Value Betting.

Bet Using Accumulators

If you’re not sure what an accumulator (or a parlay) is, it is a type of a wager that allows you to put more than one event on the same betting slip (you can read more about teasers on this Wikipedia page). This way you can create a single coupon that could win you a lot of money from just a small stake invested (if you bet on, say, 10 underdogs). Betting $2, you can possibly win a thousand! Doesn’t it sound awesome? Well, guess again. This is exactly what bookmakers count on. A chance of that win happening is really, really small. And even if you are a profitable bettor, you only increase variance by doing this. Of course, just as with lottery winners, you only hear about people that hit big winners using accumulators, but you never hear about losers.

Overstake (Don’t Manage Your Betting Bankroll)

I said before, that we all want to get rich quick. Well, this is just another side of that same coin. People want to make money, so they forget that first and foremost, they should figure out how not to lose it all in the process. And in my eyes this is actually the single most important factor, that can make a difference between a gambler and an investor. I already wrote about betting money management before and there will be a lot more about this on the blog in the future.

Bet with Money You Can’t Afford to Lose

I can’t stress enough how important it is, that you don’t use money you need to pay rent or buy food with for your betting. Doing so can make even the best punter in the world a losing one. This is of course due to a pressure it creates. You know you need to win today, or else you won’t be able to feed your family. No need to write more about it, I’m sure you get the point. Just don’t do it.

Don’t Use Best Possible Odds

Another thing I can’t understand. I recently talked with a friend of a friend. He is a really smart guy and is betting on sports from time to time, so we chatted about that. He was trying to convince me, that bet365 is the best bookmaker, so he only places his bets there. While I think that particular bookie is very good, it doesn’t have the best odds all the time (not even close). So I told him he could use multiple bookies to get better odds and make more money. He wouldn’t do it. He said it would take him a lot of time establishing new accounts, that he would need to transfer his money there and so on. Don’t make the same mistake. Use every little thing that can possibly increase your winnings. And getting better odds (sometimes significantly better) is NOT a little thing.

It is true not every bookmaker is worth trusting your money with though. I will write how I choose bookies I bet with on Pro Betting Blog soon enough.

Don’t Track Your Bets

The last error I mention about here. If you ask someone who wager on sports occasionally if he makes money with it, you will likely get a response like “Yeah, I made a slight profit overall” or “I’m breaking even”. This is very unlikely. I don’t have any data to back this up, but it is believed that 90-95% of people don’t make money betting. So how can all your friends have made “a slight profit”? Well, they haven’t. They just don’t realize it because they have no idea about their actual results. They don’t keep track of their bets, so how could they? People tend to remember wins and forget about losses. If you want to be professional about your betting, don’t forget about tracking your results.

Choose Your Style of Soccer Betting And Make it Work

When it comes to gambling and gaming in general every person seems to have a style that they normally prefer. Others are not limited to one, but choose to experiment new ways each day. Frankly, there is no sure way that will always guarantee you money but you can learn to use those available to your advantage.

One style is betting on single teams for each ticket. This is normally a preference if you are putting a big stake on it. The advantage of it is that you reduce chances of losing by having one team but the bad side to it is when you lose, you lose big!

The most usual technique used by many people is having multiple teams on the same bet. This allows you to have a better odd once calculated out. Therefore, you can use less money to get more allowing yourself to lose less if your betting goes wrong.

You can also decide to specialize on under-over options. This is because the possible outcomes of this are only two. It also saves you the trouble of having to struggle to predict who will win a certain match. Therefore, it is relatively much easier to predict.

Another risky but rewarding method is the halftime-fulltime bets. The advantage is that it has relatively bigger odds that can give you good returns if you predict right. The greatest undoing of this is the number of outcomes is nine for one game. Therefore, predicting the result both at halftime and fulltime may be hard for any team.

Select your style, try it out and aim to make it work for you. Be flexible by trying a mixture of the above and you might end up being good in your predictions. All in all you have to research on your teams well before you jump for any method of placing bets.



The Fun of Taking Part in Soccer Betting Games

People have always loved the idea of enjoying texas holdem with friends. The online environment at this moment allows you to engage in texas holdem with others from around the globe. A casino site should likewise own a superb roulette program too. Live roulette might be a really easy game, although the fact is that people need to discover the way to push stuff along in relation to a roulette game, a number of people like to enjoy their roulette games in a really quick way. It’s also important to take into account that the perfect web-based pokies are those that have the least measures associated with all of them.

And because of which will, this site now get to be the world wide casino phenomenon and make their utmost way to make casino among the favourite hobbies. Check the necessary specifics and check into stuff can make your mind something little bothered. But of course, prevention is always as good as cure, that’s why you really should secure also the safeness together with site where you want to spend your time together with.

Most of the on the net casino games aren’t cheap and not also expensive and a number of likely you have a possible chance, well if you can’t see any type of this, then do not subscribe to. Search for the necessary article that might relate to that web site and make the analysis that will surely make your hard earned dollars be secure.

Fanatics of soccer could certainly include themselves in different fun exercises that are directed at their particular fondness for the game. Usually there is the joy of actively playing a nice soccer betting game in which people aim to beat one another’s analysis and predictions abilities determined by future outcomes of the actual game. In this way the cream of the crop is picked as soon as the subsequent sports games are completed and all of the final results known. Even though it might just involve luck, it truly is very important that all of the participants make the most of their own potential to predict depending on all of the previous accomplishments of all of the individual teams and participants against whatever team they are up against.

You’ll be able to start your week with totally free cash once you open up your account at bet, plus the gaming adventure is definitely enhanced via potent software programs that run these games. There are two welcome plans that are offered at most of the internet casinos. A high roller can take advantage of up to two thousand dollars in casino site cash and if you’re a gaming table player, $1,000 internet casino funds are there for you.