Betting Forums – a Great Source of Knowledge

Okay, so let’s get started. To make your betting profitable over time you need to gain some knowledge first. While I did tell you in my first Invest in Betting! post you don’t need any advanced skills to do so, you do need to understand how you should approach your betting.

Finding a Betting Forum for Me

This is where I started to broaden my knowledge and this is exactly what you should do. There are a lot of forums to choose from here, I actually spent most of my time on one of the Polish betting forums (which I think wasn’t the smartest choice but my English wasn’t too good back then…). Below I give you a few links to some big forums where you can definitely find a lot of valuable info on the topic. You can pick one of these if you happen to like it or alternatively you can go to and try to find others, more suitable for what you are interested in. You can of course join more than one and browse through them before you decide which one you like best and will likely spend most time on.

Betting Advice

This is where I ended up finally (besides the Polish one I mentioned). I just loved how clear and nice the layout of the forum looks. Luckily, it was a great choice for someone who is mostly interested in football (if you are an American, you call it soccer – but please, stop doing that for god’s sake!) as this is what the site focuses the most on. There are also subforums about other sports  of course but these are not as vast as the one for football. You can find info on bookmakers, betting strategy threads and even some job offers in the betting industry there too.

Punters Lounge

Quite similar to Betting Advice although the layout is a little bit less eye-friendly. There’s a lot of football threads here as well but at the same time much more on horse racing too, so if that’s what you are looking for, Punters Lounge may very well be a place for you. Some info on other sports can be found here as well and they even have a poker-related subforum.


Another big forum, mostly focused on horse racing and football (in that particular order). There also seems to be quite a lot about golf there. I didn’t really spent much time there but I heard some good things about it so you can definitely check the site out.

SBR forum

A huge, huge forum really. Since I am mostly interested in football betting, I haven’t found it useful (so far!) because it focuses mostly on American sports, so a lot of basketball, hockey and American football can be found there. Because SBR is super huge (over 3000 users online while I write this) I am sure there’s a lot of valuable info to be found on other sports as well.

Read, Write and Learn!

After you find a forum appropriate for you, read whatever you think is interesting. If you love sports and betting, I’m sure you’ll find it enjoyable in itself. Whenever you feel something is unclear, don’t afraid to ask questions! Before you do so though, use a “search” feature to check if the questions hasn’t been answered before (experienced posters usually don’t like if someone omits this step)

In the next post, I’ll tell you more about what I found the most interesting while browsing betting forums and why. Meanwhile – read, write and learn as much as you can!