Privacy Policy

We want all users of to enjoy the experience of using our site and its content. However to ensure that we protect the data of all our users, we have devised this privacy policy which details the types of information we are likely to hold on any user, how this data may be collected, what we will do with it and also how it will be stored.

The terms of this policy may well be subject to alteration from time to time and the site owners reserve the right to do this without any notification. As such, all users should ensure they return to the page periodically to ensure that they are happy with the terms of use.

Use of the site implies that the user has read and agrees to the terms stated within this document.

Type of information we will collect

We’ll collect the following type of information from our users most typically:

  • Your name, date of birth and other personal information
  • Contact details (email address, phone number etc)
  • Other information to do with your particular demographic
  • Technical information about how you use the site (through cookies)

How we will store this data

All data we collect will be collated into a database that is password protected and secured as stringently as possible from undesirable Internet activity, such as hacking.

How we will collect it

Data is collected from different sources using different methods. A lot of data about each user is provided voluntarily when the user completes an online form, tells us information or provides it when they interact with an aspect of the site.

We also use small computer files called cookies to obtain technical data about how users access the site. If you use the site, you automatically give us permission to use these small, harmless files to provide us with this information.

What your data may be used for.

We may use your data for any one of several reasons, such as;

  • To update our records on each user
  • Market Research
  • To contact users with information or offers
  • To allow selected other companies to contact users
  • To provide feedback on the site
  • To help us develop the site and its functionality
  • To help improve content.