The Ten Best Odds Bets For A Player To Make In An Online Casino

One of the biggest mistakes any gambler can make is to assume that all games in a casino offer them an equal chance of success or failure. Most gamblers understand that on all casino games, there is a house edge, it is that which keeps casinos earning a profit and able to provide the services that they do. Yet it is often the case that a beginner at texas holdem online poker will believe that every casino game, from the online slots or keno, down to card games like baccarat or dice games like sic bo, offer the player the same chances of victory or defeat.

In truth, there is a huge difference between the different types of casino game on offer as per the level of success a player may enjoy while playing. In addition to that, even within a single game, where there are a large number of different betting options available, there is a huge discrepancy between the level of the house edge between the many different bets available on every single roll of the dice or spin of the wheel.

Key to becoming a more profitable player when learning to bet to win online, is understanding how these house odds work against you. When you understand that simple pretext, you can then target the games and bets where the odds are much less favourable for the casino and more in your favour. In this article, we’ll examine the ten best value bets which tend to offer the lowest house edge when playing at an online casino, or their real world counterparts and give the player a much greater chance of success on every bet.

1. Poker None

Playing poker offers no house edge as the game is played against other players. Casinos make their money from poker by taking a small percentage of the pot money each hand and this, in effect, makes poker a game free from a house edge.

Of course, there are other considerations here; you need to be a strong poker player with excellent knowledge of the game and its strategies in order to regularly be successful, and remember there are many outstanding poker players out there who are so good that it can mean taking on a casino looks a far more enticing prospect than trying to beat them in a few hands!

2. Blackjack using Basic Strategy 0.28%

If you take the time to learn the basic strategy of a game of blackjack, which identifies what type of bets to follow based upon the two cards you have in your hand compared to the single cards that the dealer shows, then you can reduce the house edge down to just over a quarter of a percent. It is time consuming to learn the different tables for both hard and soft blackjack hands, but in the long run it can prove to be a hugely profitable move.

3. Video Poker 0.46%

Many people feel video games offer the least chance of a successful return in poker rooms and while this may be true of games like keno or online slots, which can have house edges in excess of 25%, video poker is much more user friendly, with a house edge of just under half a percent per hand.

4. Baccarat Banker 1.06%

There are only three bets possible in the game of baccarat and the best value of these is to bet on the bankers hand. This means you cut the house edge to just 1.06% per hand, though you will only double your original bet on this stake if you are successful.

5. Craps Don’t Pass/ Don’t Come 1.14%

There are so many bets available on the game of craps that finding a good one may be confusing to the beginner. The best value bet is the Don’t Pass/Don’t Come bet, which has a house edge of just 1.14%, but seeing as you are effectively backing against the roller at the table, don’t expect to be too popular if you win too many of these bets!

6. Baccarat Player 1.24%

Backing the banker may give slightly better odds, but backing the player is another option for those interested in the enduring game of baccarat. At a house edge of 1.24%, this is a good value bet for a player new to the game who wants to take on the house. Just remember to stay away from the tie bet which has a house edge of a whopping 14.36%!

7. Craps Passline/Come 1.41%

One of the most popular bets in any casino is the Passline/Come bet in craps. This is the bet that many novice craps players play the most as an easy way to double their stake money. Make your bet on the Passline and if the roller wins, then you win too and everyone at the table cheers!

8. Craps Place 6 and 8 1.52%

Another great value bet in craps is the place 6 and 8 bet, other than 7, 6 and 8 are the two most commonly rolled numbers in craps and backing them pays out at odds of 7 to 6, so if you bet $6, you’d win back $13 in total.

9. Roulette Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low 2.70%

Another good bet is in the game of roulette, backing any of the outer bets on the layout, especially those that offer even money returns such as those shown above, cuts the house edge down to 2.70% on a single zero roulette wheel. If you are playing on a double zero wheel, then this house edge increases to 5.26%.

10.Roulette Columns (1-12, 13-24, 25-36) 2.70%

Another good ourside bet in roulette which offers better payout odds is to bet on columns or numbers 1-12, 13-24 or 25.36. The house edge is again just 2.70 on a single zero wheel and 5.26% on a double zero roulette wheel and with odds of 2/1 for a successful spin, this represents a good way to increase your stack with a lucky run of bets!